Please help this vaccine injured child to see the justice



The association of citizens for  protection of  the human rights “ Health does not enter through needle” –  Macedonia, appeals for financial help in order to  initiate   court procedure for establishing responsibility for occurrence of disease as a result of vaccine injury. It is about child who got diabetes mellitus type 1 (insulin dependent ) as a result of the MMR vaccine when he was one year old.

All vaccines in this country are mandatory, the shot that destroyed the precious life was also government ordered mandatory vaccine. All the citizens in this country suffer the terror of forced vaccination in various ways which was one of the main reasons for founding the association.

When the fundaments of the system are based on irresponsibility and incompetence the people and most of it the children are suffering the consequences. In this case now the three years old child  is the victim of such a system, he was premature born child, born in the 32nd week of the pregnancy and after the standards of the system from his six months of life by the 14 months of life was vaccinated 15 times! The last shot MMR seven days after the injection resulted with diagnosis diabetes mellitus type 1,insulin dependent. He is diabetic now, 2  years after the sinister shot.

The system hid beneath the categorical silence and ignorance,like there is no responsibility for the situation in which this previous perfectly healthy child has found   himself in. The judicial instances as the part of that system hamper  the search for truth and justice with norms and fees that ordinary people who live from their salaries financially and procedurally  are very  difficult to meet. The child’s parents are financially unable to initiate judicial proceedings (court fees and lawyers’ services are quite high,1500 € approximately court fee plus the lawyers’ fee), and works only one parent, the father, because the mother must care for the child, the  kindergartens in this country  are refusing  to work with these children.

Therefore, the Association calls for financial support for the initiation of court procedure, which also would mean seeking justice not only for this child, but also for many others who have suffered  vaccine injuries, for all the destroyed families who live in this country for which  no one takes the responsibility.
The parents of the child are also one of the founders of this association, all of the received compensation the family will get about their tragedy will be spent on raising the vaccine injury awareness.

Every single help is highly appreciated and closer to the goal.

Grateful in advance,

Association of citizens for  protection of  the human rights

“ Health does not enter through needle” –  Macedonia


Donation details:


IBAN Code  MK07210722000053417


Bank Address   Mother Teresa 1

Country  Macedonia



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